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Unisex Wooden Bracelet with Hamsa Hand Charm

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This unisex bracelet features tan toned wooden beads with Hematite Disks supporting a Hand Charm to protect the wearer from the Evil Eye. This bracelet is made to order to fit your wrist size comfortably, so please message me with your wrist size after purchase.

This bracelet comes in its own velvet drawstring pouches ready to be gifted :)

The charm is a middle-eastern amulet shaped like a hand which will protect you against the "evil eye". Envy is most often referred to as the unintentional source of the evil eye, although the people around us may not intentionally wish us bad they may be envious of things we have in our lives and in turn cast an unintentional evil eye on us which can bring us bad luck. This hand charm bracelet is intended to protect its owner and bring good luck and happiness.