Star - Rhodonite - Gina's Charms
Star - Rhodonite - Gina's Charms

Star - Rhodonite

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This Crystal Star is carved from natural gemstone and polished.

RHODONITE ♡ Known as 'The Rescue Stone', and also as the Stone of Patience, Rhodonite is one of the most powerful heart chakra stones in the crystal realm. It will aid you in couples counselling, producing feelings of forgiveness, compassion, and patience. This stone just wants unconditional love to flourish, and to do so it knowns that it takes a calming environment. For Rhodonite, patience isn't just waiting in line patiently, patience also means not always rushing to the next thing, trying to reach the end destination. Rhodonite helps us with this. It brings us back into the present moment and calms the mind from trying to race off into the distant future. It allows compassion for each phase of the journey and guides us with love. ♡

Note: Price is for one piece, intuitively chosen for you. Pictures represent the size and quality you can expect to receive. Due to the natural nature of crystals, no 2 will be exactly the same in size, shape, colour and appearance.