Septarian Wand Gallet

Septarian Wand Gallet

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SEPTARIAN is such an interesting and unique gemstone with no 2 pieces exactly the same! These crystals are formed as a result of volcanic eruptions and attracted dead sea life chemically bonding them to the sediment and forming mud balls. They are composed of CALCITE, which makes up the yellow centres and ARAGONITE which are the brown lines, while the outer grey is LIMESTONE! Septarian has a strong Shamanic influence that strengthens group activities and communication, while its vibration enhances privacy. Septarian gemstones are also also often known as DRAGONSTONES. They encompass a strong grounding energy that is quite beneficial for public speaking. This crystal is a wonderful self-healer & should be carried around in your pocket.

Approx 8cm x 3cm

These crystal stones are tumbled and polished. They sit comfortably in your palm and feel soothing as soon as you hold them. Please note these gemstones are unique and no 2 will be exactly the same in size, shape, colour and appearance.