Moonstone Worry Stone - Gina's Charms
Moonstone Worry Stone - Gina's Charms

Moonstone Worry Stone

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MOONSTONE ♡ A power stone, deeply connected to the moon and intuition. It will aid you to see through illusions, banish fears and insecurities, strengthens faith and protect your aura. ⁠A calming stone that will help relieve anxiety and promote empathy, Moonstone is wonderful at unlocking psychic abilities. With its feminine strength and power, work with Moonstone to open up the unconscious and open yourself to lucid dreaming.⁠ It is the stone to wash away your fears and extinguish any stress. ♡

Note: Price is for one piece, intuitively chosen for you. Pictures represent the size and quality you can expect to receive. Due to the natural nature of crystals, no 2 will be exactly the same in size, shape, colour and appearance.