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Men's Unisex Bracelet - Matt Black Onyx, Garnet & Hematite #10

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GARNET is a powerfully energising crystal. The birthstone for January! It protects the wearer from approaching danger and was historically used to drive off spirits and ghosts. Garnet is named after the seed of the pomegranate and it is believed that giving garnet as a gift is extremely good luck to the receiver! It is useful in keeping negative spirits away from loved ones. Garnet gives hope, courage, self-confidence, love and devotion. It often balances the libido, can help lose weight and attract new love 

ONYX is beneficial for enhancing strength, protection, destiny, self-control, self-confidence, release negative emotions, happiness & good fortune while HEMATITE grounds and protects. It is the 'Stone of the Mind' bringing courage, strength, vitality & focus. It helps dissolve negativity and can aid blood circulation.

This bracelet features 6mm matt black Onyx beads supporting Garnet features with mini Hematite Rondels. It is handmade to fit your wrist size comfortably & comes in its own organza drawstring pouch ready to be gifted ♡

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