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Gift Bundle - Rose Quartz Love Treasure Chest

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Rose Quartz Love Treasure Chest Bundle includes:

~ 1x Heart Charm Earrings (Sterling Silver Hooks)
~ 1x Rose Quartz LOVE Affirmation Stone
~ 1x Rose Quartz Raw Chunk
~ 1x Rose Quartz Beaded Bracelet
~ 1x Rose Quartz Carved Puff Heart
~ 1x Wooden Treasure Chest


This bundle will have you flowing with Gratitude and Love. It connects to your Heart Chakra and promotes unconditional love! The healing crystals in this treasure chest support positivity, fertility, rejuvenation, healthy pregnancy, anxiety relief, boosts relationships and brings a sense of new hope 

This gift box will come nicely gift wrapped too, in white tissue paper.

Note - these items individually are normally $90 in store