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Crystal - Wordstone - ABUNDANCE - Peach Aventurine

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Peach Aventurine often has a sparkly effect because of tiny inclusions of Hematite or Mica! It is a wonderful crystal to use in quiet meditation as it’s qualities are best experienced when you are seeking some quiet and centering energies.⠀⠀
Peach Aventurine is an excellent crystal if you are a naturally shy or anxious person. The energies of this crystal will soothe your nerves and put you at ease in any kind of situation. It will give you a strong presence around people that will attract them to you. And it will also give you dignity and calmness when there are very loud or critical voices inside your head. ♡ 

This crystal flat stone features the word ABUNDANCE in gold.  It will come packaged in its own organza drawstring gift pouch.

Note: Price is for one piece, intuitively chosen for you. Pictures represent the size and quality you can expect to receive. Due to the natural nature of crystals, no 2 will be exactly the same in size, shape, colour and appearance.