Crescent Moon - Fluorite - Gina's Charms
Crescent Moon - Fluorite - Gina's Charms

Crescent Moon - Fluorite

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This Crystal Crescent Moon is carved from natural gemstone and polished.

FLUORITE ♡ As a highly protective and stabilising stone, Fluorite cleanses the aura, while absorbing negative energy and stresses. It is useful for grounding and harmonising spiritual energy. Fluorite encourages positivity, balances energies and is an excellent learning aid, increasing concentration, self-confidence and decision making. Purple Fluorite aids spiritual balance and increases mystic visions, while stimulating the third eye chakra. It also helps the intuition to connect to the rational mind. ♡

Note: Price is for one piece, intuitively chosen for you. Pictures represent the size and quality you can expect to receive. Due to the natural nature of crystals, no 2 will be exactly the same in size, shape, colour and appearance.