Citrine Cluster #2011 - Gina's Charms
Citrine Cluster #2011 - Gina's Charms

Citrine Cluster #2011

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CITRINE ♡ Known as 'The Stone of Success', Citrine is a success and prosperity crystal. This soothing yellow crystal brings abundance in all areas, including happiness, creativity, pleasure, motivation, spiritual growth and enjoyment of life. Citrine can help with protection and strength and promotes healthy self-confidence. It aids in clearing the mind and increasing focus, thus decreasing depression and anger. Fabulous at encouraging wealth, courage and personal power, Citrine can help you start those new beginnings with the best energy. Increasing action, confidence and joy, allowing you to live a little and go with the flow - in turn spreading inner peace and wisdom along the way. ♡

This crystal cluster of CITRINE is simply stunning. The beautiful colour of this cluster is so intriguing and feels so uplifting!

It weighs approximately 848g.

Note: Price is for one piece, as pictured.