Car Protection Kit - Gina's Charms
Car Protection Kit - Gina's Charms
Car Protection Kit - Gina's Charms

Car Protection Kit

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This Car Protection Kit will be filled with crystals as pictured for you to keep close while travelling.

This bundle contains 7 crystals that have been put together with intention for a particular protection healing purpose.

- Obsidian wordstone for protection, increasing intuition and enabling you to spot danger before it affects you. Keeps your energy safe and grounded, giving you the confidence to drive anywhere safely.

- Selenite rod for cleansing and purifying the energy of your car.

- Clear Quartz rough for encouraging focus, helps stay alert, clears the smog of confusion and helps to drive without stress and avoid danger.

- Amethyst raw cluster nugget for protection, sense of security, prevent motion sickness and avoid physical accidents.

- Tiger Eye mini tumble for enhancing concentration, keeping you alert and focused, bringing a refreshed energy to the entire car.

- Rose Quartz tumbled gemstone for keeping you safe from the recklessness of others, bringing a loving positive energy into your car.

- Howlite tumbled gemstone for a smooth journey, preventing motion sickness, settles your nerves and stabilises your vision.

Keep this bundle in your car to encourage safe travels or take this protection bag with you when you travel. Blessings x