Book - Womb Medicine by Sali McIntyre - Gina's Charms
Book - Womb Medicine by Sali McIntyre - Gina's Charms
Book - Womb Medicine by Sali McIntyre - Gina's Charms

Book - Womb Medicine by Sali McIntyre

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Womb Medicine by Sali McIntyre ♡

Womb Medicine is a timely manifesto and clarion call for every woman to look inwards and listen to the wisdom of her own body.

It is a book about an ancient form of medicine that has been used by women around the world for centuries to maintain reproductive health. It is also a manifesto to educate, encourage and inspire women to look within and take the steps they need to reclaim their health and wellness on all levels. Yoni means ‘sacred temple’ in Sanskrit.

This gentle healing modality combines the medicinal properties of herbs with the purifying effects of steam to cleanse and detox the yoni. Until recently it was almost unheard of in the Western world.

Since 2012 and the re-surgence of the Divine Feminine, more and more women have sought and found a greater connection with their Feminine Self and have reclaimed this ritual as a radical practice for womb health and wellbeing. Sitting over a steaming pot of herbs is a gentle way to soothe painful periods, tone and restore vaginal tissues after childbirth, and to address anger and unresolved trauma. It costs next to nothing, especially if you grow your own herbs.

Learn how this practice works on both physical and emotional levels and how you can make it part of your Self-Care medicine kit.

Yoni steaming is a ritual that will help guide you back to your sacred womb space. By taking the time to honour your womb you will:

• Restore health and balance to your reproductive system

• Discover the inherent magic and creativity of your menstrual cycle
• Enhance the connection to your innate sexual identity
• Give yourself permission to love and forgive yourself

Publisher: Animal Dreaming Publishing
ISBN: 9780648650881
Page Count: 135

This beautiful book would make a fabulous addition to every spiritual collection