Book - The Little Book of Intentional Living

Book - The Little Book of Intentional Living

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The Little Book of Intentional Living by Carolyn Boyes

A fully illustrated guide to intentional living from leading author, coach and speaker, Carolyn Boyes. By living with intention we are actively shaping our lives, establishing how we wish to invest our energy and time on this Earth. Through the processes of self-enquiry, assessing our values, visioning and mindfulness we can ensure that our beliefs and actions are in alignment, discard those aspects of our lives that no longer serve us and manifest the existence we want. By using easy-to-follow tools, strategies and exercises, leading life coach and speaker, Carolyn Boyes, shows us how, in this fast-paced, demanding world, which is so full of distractions, we can move from living a busy life - one that we endure - to an intentional life - one that we have chosen.

Publisher: Gaia

ISBN: 9781856754026

Dimensions: 14.7 and 10.5 cm

Page Count: 96

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