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Book - The Crystal Blueprint - Gina's Charms

Book - The Crystal Blueprint

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The Crystal Blueprint by Beatriz Singer ♡

A guide to quartz crystals from both an ancestral and scientific point of view, with the mission of helping readers identify their mind patterns and wounds to reconnect with the authentic

It’s estimated that 10 billion quartz crystals are used every year in electronic devices-from smartphones to computers, credit cards, watches, digital cameras, TVs, cars, and much more. When you think about it, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without crystals.

These same crystals we see in so much of our technology have been used over the course of many centuries, and by many different cultures around the world, for healing. In fact, crystal healing is alive and well today, with modern-day healers harnessing the energy of quartz crystals to help alleviate suffering.

What is it that has drawn scientists and healers around the world to crystal technology, and what are the similarities between the ways these two groups have used the stones?

In this book, crystal healer and holistic therapist Beatriz Singer answers these questions-and more. She takes readers on a journey to understand the many wonders of quartz crystals, so that we can use their powers to bring peace and healing to ourselves and the world.


Publisher: Sterling Ethos

ISBN: 9781454926313

Dimensions: 19.1 and 14 cm

Page Count: 224

This beautiful book would make a fabulous addition to every spiritual collection