Book - Dreams by Tree Carr - Gina's Charms
Book - Dreams by Tree Carr - Gina's Charms

Book - Dreams by Tree Carr

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Spiritual Cleansing New Edition Book by Draja Mickaharic ♡

Discover how to create your own dream practice to help facilitate your work and relationships, self-exploration, soul growth, emotional healing and personal empowerment. Human beings have a long history of looking to their dreams for guidance, inspiration, spiritual connection and decision making. Kings consulted seers and gifted dreamers for political advice, and tribe leaders took heed from the prophetic dreams of their shamans. Dreams have led to inventions and scientific discoveries as well as the creation of moving works of art. So why is the modern human so disconnected from our dreams? Our quiet, reflective consciousness has been superseded by the busy, noisy and distractive components of modern culture. Dreams will teach you how, through simple intent, mindfulness, reflection, record keeping, plant work and lifestyle changes, we can enable a deeper connectivity and understanding of our dream world.

Publisher: Aster

ISBN: 9781912023967

Dimensions: 21 and 14.9 cm

Page Count: 160

This beautiful book would make a fabulous addition to every spiritual collection