Amethyst & Crystal Suncatcher with Clear Quartz Tumble

Amethyst & Crystal Suncatcher with Clear Quartz Tumble

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AMETHYST beneficial healing properties include: positivity, healing, power protection & wisdom stone, inner-strength, aids insomnia, pleasant dreams & relief from headaches ♡

This gorgeous Crystal Suncatcher will add colour and positive energy to your sacred space. It often creates wonderful reflections of rainbow coloured lights that can sparkle and dance around the room when placed in the sunlight. This suncatcher features purple Amethyst gemstone chips and clear crystals supporting a Clear Quartz tumbedstone ♡

CLEAR QUARTZ is known as the master healer! Beneficial healing properties include: clarity, calmness, harmony, energy, enhances psychic abilities, absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy ♡

This suncatcher is handmade with love at Gina's Charms. It will come packaged in lots of bubblewrap to keep it protected.