Agate Crystal Bookends - Grey #498

Agate Crystal Bookends - Grey #498

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This Agate Geode Bookends Set is simply stunning from all sides with its swirls of colour and crystal formations! Would make an amazing gift or a beautiful crystal to keep on show on your mantelpiece

Polished on the front, raw rock on the back, sliced perfectly through as to show off the beauty of this stunning crystal!

AGATE is known as "The Stone of Hope, Strength & Balance." Its beneficial healing properties include: Protection, Strength, Harmony, Creativity, Good Luck, Courage, Confidence, Increase Energy, Stress & Anxiety Relief 

Use as matching bookends or simply a stunning display piece in your home or office. Weighing approx 1.5kgs.

Please note these gemstones are unique and no 2 will be exactly the same in size, shape, colour nor appearance.