Our Story

Ginas Charms Crystals Gemstones Australia Gold Coast

Here at Gina’s Charms, we infuse intention, abundance and blessings into every order. ♡

All pieces are intuitively hand selected by us and are of the highest quality.

We are sustainably conscious and do our part to use recycled and biodegradable products to support our environment.

Gina's Charms handpicked crystals and handcrafted jewellery bring positivity, health, happiness, good luck and inspiration into your life and your home.

How we got started 

Gina's Charms specialises in healing Crystal and Gemstone jewellery hand crafted by Australian designer Tamara Ben-Moha.
Gina’s Charms was founded in March 2014 in memory of Tamara’s beautiful mother Regina who passed away in 2013. Gina was a breast cancer survivor who lived everyday with positivity and compassion. She always looked on the bright side regardless of the struggles she endured. She LOVED to be creative, whether it was sewing, crocheting, knitting or baking and it made her day to share her creations with others! She is dearly missed by her family and friends and is a daily inspiration to all that were blessed to have known her.♡
Gina's Charms was originally based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney N.S.W and just recently moved to the beautiful Gold Coast in QLD, Australia.  All jewellery and accessories are carefully hand crafted and made with a variety of natural gemstones and crystals to heal, bring positivity, health, happiness, good luck and inspiration into your life and your home!
Most jewellery and accessory items are made to order, so if there's a special something you would like to add or you want an item custom made in your favourite colour or crystal, please feel free to contact me to discuss further options.
All crystals and gemstones are handpicked by me ensuring the highest quality and beautiful formations are always chosen.
Wishing you a blessed day filled with love, light and lots of laughter ♡
Tammy xo

Gemstone healing with Energy, Light & Love.