Care Guide

Please take the utmost care when looking after your Gina's Charms pieces.
It is recommended to store items in a cool dry place back in its original package or in your jewellery box.
It is best not to wear items in water, while having a shower or while swimming.
Placing your items in or around liquids may tarnish or damage them and is done so at your own risk.

Cleansing & Energising your Crystal Items

Crystals absorb a range of different energies so it is important to cleanse your crystals from time to time to assist them to release all negative energies they have been exposed to. This will ensure they are at their best to assist you with the crystal healing you need.
Your Gina's Charms items have been programmed with positive healing energies prior to postage, so no initial cleanse is required! It is good practice to regularly put your crystals out in the moonlight , around the time of the full moon when it is at its brightest. The gentle moonlight has a powerful influence that will re-energise your crystals and allow them to lift their vibrations naturally. Likewise, you can leave your crystals in the morning sunlight, however please ensure not to leave them there for more than an hour as the sunlight's rays can be quite strong and may cause some crystals to fade.
Smudging is also a potent method for cleansing your crystals and your environment. I use White Sage Smudging Sticks which are available in our shop. The sacred smoke of burning Sage is traditionally believed to prevent any evil influences entering our environment. Sage releases elements into the air via the smoke which can effectively remove any bad and built-up energies. Regular smudging will revitalise your crystals and lift their vibration.
If you feel comfortable with keeping your thoughts positive, you can also use the visualisation method of 'thought energy' to cleanse your crystals. Simply hold your crystal item in your hands, focus on it, and visualise a bright white light surrounding the crystal, followed by a beam of white light coming down through the stone, passing all the way through the stone, taking away stored energy within the stone.  This process will help flush away the stored energies.  The 'thought energy' generated by you will be transmitted to the crystal item and this cleansing energy will do the job of clearing the stone of its stored energies. Once your crystal item has been cleansed it will be ready for energising so it can continue to release its own natural vibrations 

and energies by placing it in the early morning sunlight or in the moonlight throughout the night.


Caring for whilst regularly cleansing and energising

your Gina's Charms Gemstone & Crystal Jewellery and Accessories

will assist with the longevity of your items and the natural Crystal Healing Process ♡