Gift Bundle - Dolphin Set

Gift Bundle - Dolphin Set

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Ocean Vibes ♡♡♡

Dolphins are a totem symbolising Healing, Balance and Harmony. They have a playful nature, which reminds us to approach life with a sense of joy and humour.

This gift pack includes:

1. Dolphin Charm Earrings - Beautiful, elegant and great for sensitive skin with their Sterling Silver earring hook. Normally $12

2. Dolphin Charm Bracelet - Really stunning piece hand made with love with blue howlite stone beads. Normally $25

3. Dolphin Keychain - Handmade blue howlite keychain features swarovski crystal and dolphin charm. Normally $12

These gift packs are amazing value too! They take the thinking out of what to get for the next Birthday, Anniversary or just because gift