Book - The Art of Herbs for Health

Book - The Art of Herbs for Health

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The Art of Herbs for Health by Rebecca Sullivan ♡

This beautifully photographed book contains a wealth of knowledge for anyone who wants to improve their health with herbs. Herbal medicine has been used for centuries, and in this thoughtful and inspiring guide, Rebecca Sullivan shares a combination of traditional wisdom and modern ideas. The Treatment section includes Ginger and Pepperment Travel Sickness Pastilles and Herby Chest Rub, while the Drinks & Tonics chapter offers Sage and Lavender Kefir and Tarragon Tincture. There is also a selection of foods using herbs for health, including Herby Ice Lollies and Lemon Balm Bliss Balls. The book is also full of Rebecca's brilliant tips and advice - from soaking your feet in cool black tea to fix smelly feet to making ginger-infused ice cubes to combat nausea. With a detailed herb glossary and plenty of information about essential oils, this is an essential volume for every would-be modern apothecary.


Publisher: HACHETTE

ISBN: 9780857834775

Dimensions: 20 and 15.4 cm

Page Count: 96

This beautiful book would make a fabulous addition to every spiritual collection